Will These hours count toward my CE requirement?

 You need to check with your state's licensing board. We address our credential in the State of Illinois here. If you are an IL LCSW/LSW or LCPC/LPC, then yes, they "count." 

How long has your Clinical Supervision Training Program been running?

 We developed this program in 2005, when the law was very new. Passed in 2003, the law required ALL current LCPCs to have the training done by 2007. For 12 years, we've been offering training BY LCPCs and FOR LCPCs. All the details for that program are at www.lcpcSupervisionTraining.com. 

What is the dress code?

 Dress for comfort (yes, yoga pants and sneakers are fine!). This training offers a relaxed atmosphere, and Dr. Vicki will go out of her way to make you feel at ease!  

I have food allergies. Will there be food I can eat?

 Let us know what your dietary restrictions are in advance (along with any other accommodations that need to be made for you) and we will absolutely do our best to ensure that you are comfortable and cared for throughout our time together!  

Why is there a nonrefundable deposit?

 We offer a "boutique" experience and are working on your training long before you get here! We gather information from you and craft a unique learning experience for all in attendance. We also pre-print CE certificates. This work upfront requires compensation, even if you cannot attend the training.